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Library groups see double standard in Authors Guild’s stand against HathiTrust

In 2009, when the Authors Guild tried to settle its epic legal battle with Google over the company’s massive Google Book Search project, the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of College and Research Libraries both fought the settlement.

Trillions in Gold Beneath Ocean Spurs Modern Gold Rush

Trillions in Gold Beneath Ocean Spurs Modern Gold Rush -Miners have almost exhausted all land-based gold riches. It has become much harder to find, extract, and process and the likelihood of stumbling upon a nugget on the ground is practically zilch.

New Round of ‘Exam Howlers’

"Every new generation must rewrite history in its own way," wrote the philosopher R. G. Collingwood. But the surreal historical revisions revealed in Times Higher Education’s annual "exam howlers" competition are probably not what the esteemed University of Oxford don had in mind.