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Finding the context and sustainability in employee engagement

What does employee engagement have to do with global sustainability or caring for the poor in India or the hungry in Africa? One simple premise: What gets our attention gets our time and dollars.

Poisoning claim as China plot thickens

China's corruption scandal took a dramatic twist yesterday when the wife of the former high-flying Chinese politician Bo Xilai was accused of poisoning the British businessman Neil Heywood for threatening to expose her plan to move money abroad.

Hopes Fade for Cleanup In Nigeria’s Oil-Rich Delta by Fred Pearce: Yale Environment 360

The Ogoniland region of Nigeria has long been badly polluted by decades of oil production that has fouled the delta and contaminated drinking water. A United Nations report last year recommended a massive recovery initiative, but so far the Nigerian government has shown few signs it will agree to the cleanup project.

Does science publishing rely too much on subjective decisions and personal networks?

Probably the most important scientific discovery of the 20th century – James D Watson and Francis Crick's description of the double-helix structure of DNA – was not peer reviewed before it was published in Nature in 1953.

Salk scientists discover how plants grow to escape shade

Mild mannered though they seem, plants are extremely competitive, especially when it comes to getting their fair share of sunlight. Whether a forest or a farm, where plants grow a battle wages for the sun's rays.