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Why Walmart is paying for its employees to go to college

On Wednesday, Walmart announced that it would offer to pay, at least in part, for its 1.4 million employees in the United States—part-time, full-time, and salaried—to go to college, with some restrictions.

Trump’s crackdown on students who overstay visas rattles higher ed

The Trump administration plans to crack down on international students and visitors who overstay their visas, stoking fears in the higher education community that President Trump’s aggressive immigration policies will hinder university efforts to attract the brightest minds from overseas.

Dynamic sustainability teams do these three things

Lately, I have been reflecting on the summer of 2015, the season in which I embarked on a purposeful career in corporate sustainability, fresh after graduating from the environmental science program at North Carolina State University.

After Obama-era crackdown, for-profit colleges seek nonprofit status

Ashford University is one of more than a dozen for-profit colleges across the country looking to become nonprofit institutions, a change that would make them subject to less federal oversight and shed the often-maligned “for-profit” designation.