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Gold standard of PhD ‘under threat’, professors claim

Debate sparked by criticism of growth of PhDs by publication, and allegations that corruption and nepotism are undermining the reliability of the academic doctorate

How to keep conservation policies from backfiring in a globally connected world

For many years environmentalists have urged the public to "think globally, act locally" — consider the health of the planet, then take action in your own community.

College cheating scandal is the tip of the iceberg

"We're not talking about donating a building, we're talking about fraud," said Andrew Lelling, the US Attorney for Massachusetts, as he announced indictments in a massive scheme alleging that celebrities and other wealthy individuals used cheating, bribes, and lies to get their kids into elite colleges.

Adult learners could be in line for online college

University of Massachusetts President Marty Meehan has a plan to create a new “online college” for adult students that he said could become the system’s bulwark against increasing financial pressures on college campuses caused by competition for fewer college-aged students.

McGraw-Hill announces new micro-credentials to bridge workforce skills gap

As part of its effort to keep college students engaged in their courses and help them garner the skills they need to successfully enter the workforce, McGraw-Hill announced the launch of a new micro-credentialing program for Microsoft® Office applications.