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What else will batteries unlock?

Low-cost, high-energy batteries are beginning to do some really cool things such as replace gas peaker plants, power mainstream vehicles and kick-start electric aviation. Here’s another application to add to the list: slash electric vehicle (EV) demand charges.

Saudi Students’ Flights From U.S. Justice

The Oregonian reports on a series of cases in which Saudi students at U.S. colleges were accused of crimes but disappeared before facing U.S. criminal charges. Two senators introduce legislation calling for investigation of Saudi government's role.

The other victims when colleges decline or close: their hometowns

When Justin Cote and his partner started a vegetable farm six years ago, they landed an important and presumably reliable early client: Nearby Goddard College said it would buy all the Chinese cabbage they could grow.

Student banned from passing out ‘Jesus Loves You’ valentines speaks out

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College student Polly Olsen, who was reprimanded last Valentine's Day for passing out "Jesus loves you" valentines, is speaking out.

U.Memphis keeps Confucius Institute, despite Chinese propaganda warnings

Despite warnings from Tennessee Republican state Rep. Martin Daniel, as well as ominous deterrents from the U.S. government, the University of Memphis will not be close its Confucius Institute