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Twice as Many MOOCs

Two providers of massive open online courses are expanding their course catalogs to try to find a larger global audience.

College Town?

The idea of a four-year university program in the Flathead Valley is gaining momentum to the point of acquiring an air of inevitability.

‘Warnings From the Trenches’

Part swan song, part favor for a friend, Ken Bernstein’s letter to college professors upon his retirement from teaching high school government is generating buzz across higher education.

MOOC Monitor: Must Reads This Week

Fresh links on the latest in MOOC land: MOOCs get some cred through American Council of Edu, a Coursera/edX smackdown by an MIT student, Clay Shirky says MOOCs are the Napster of EDU.

Not What They Signed Up For?

When Albert Anarwat applied to the for-profit Aristotle University, in California, the Ghanaian student said he asked the university if the institution was accredited.