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Umbrella Group Backs Unbundling

In recent years the American Council on Education has experimented with issuing credit recommendations for online courses from non-college providers, sometimes sounding more like Silicon Valley than One Dupont

Credential Creep Confirmed

The broad public policy push for more Americans to get a higher education leans heavily on the idea that those without a college degree are up a creek ...

Questions arise around higher education funding changes

Critics, including at least one regent, are calling on the Board of Regents to reconsider a new funding model it approved in June that will change the way state dollars are allocated to Iowa’s public universities and could pull $47.8 million from the University of Iowa over several years.

Green Rating Questioned

Colleges are routinely getting credit for complying with environmental standards they may not have met, a new report by the Sustainable Endowments Institute suggests.

Hindering Comparison Shopping?

For the second time in two weeks, a university is being criticized for trying to prevent its students from learning about textbook options that may be less expensive than those promoted by the institution.