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Foreign academics ‘in debt’ after paying thousands in UK visa fees

Foreign academics are being left with thousands of pounds in debt after being forced to foot the bill for visas and permanent residency costs to continue working in UK universities, some have told Times Higher Education.

Pentagon on PROSPER

As Republican leaders look for support within their caucus to pass an ambitious higher education bill, their efforts are being complicated by opposition from an institution President Donald Trump said would be a key focus of his administration -- the Department of Defense.

Judge deals big setback to Trump on ‘Dreamers’ program

A District of Columbia federal judge has delivered the toughest blow yet to Trump administration efforts to end deportation protections for young undocumented immigrants, ordering the government to continue the Obama-era program and - for the first time since announcing it would end - reopen it to new applicants.

A Silicon Valley ‘Evangelist’ Who Doesn’t Bash Higher Ed

The hundreds of college trustees and presidents in the audience here Sunday might have been forgiven if they flinched a bit when Jaime Casap started speaking about his background as Google's primary advocate for "trying to bring technology into the education space."

100 top colleges vow to enroll more low-income students

College access and affordability: It's a common topic in higher education — because college is the one place that can really be a catapult when it comes to moving up the economic ladder.

Protected Speech, a ‘Perfect’ Political Target

Randa Jarrar's case at Cal State Fresno has attracted national attention, much of it arguably undue. Will she be punished? It's hard to say, given academe's unpredictable track record on discipline for faculty social media snafus.

Economists’ communication problems extend to social media

Economics is a discipline with a communication problem: its practitioners have struggled to gain traction in debates over the rise of populism globally and, in the UK, were the target of Brexit campaigners who claimed that the people in the country had “had enough of experts”.