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A new, nationwide college course on why democracies collapse

Political scientist Robert Blair was at home on the morning after President Trump’s first travel ban, scrolling through Facebook photos of his lawyer friends sitting on the floors of airports and meeting refugees from seven predominantly Muslim nations whose path to the United States Trump had blocked. <

What Motivates Good Teaching?

New study of faculty motivation for teaching says certain kinds of motivation -- intrinsic and believing that teaching is important -- are linked to use of best teaching practices, across institution types. Rewards and guilt appear to have no bearing on best practices.

Oxford academics launch world’s first ‘blockchain university’

A group of University of Oxford academics have launched the world’s first “blockchain university”, an Oxbridge-style institution that they describe as “Uber for students, Airbnb for academics”.

Eastern Michigan dropping four sports to save $2.4M

Eastern Michigan University announced Tuesday, March 20, that it will reduce its intercollegiate athletic program by four sports, effective at the end of the 2018 spring season, as part of an overall restructuring of its budget.

Trump furious over leak of warning to not congratulate Putin

White House chief of staff John Kelly also is furious that a confidential presidential briefing became public knowledge, a White House official said, and intends to address the matter Wednesday as aides try to figure out who disclosed the warning.