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Colorado hits lowest renewables and storage bids to date

The growing attractiveness of the U.S. renewables sector was again underlined last week, as a new analysis detailed how wind and solar projects in Colorado are set to undercut the cost of existing coal power even when storage costs are included.

Fired Far From Home

American University of Malta undertakes mass firings of faculty. The start-up institution, run by a for-profit company with no track record in higher education, has struggled to find students and is mired in environmental and political controversy in Malta.

You’ll soon be able to buy an 146-inch TV, thanks to Samsung

Tonight during its annual First Look Event, Samsung debuted a real humdinger of a product: a 146-inch modular TV called "The Wall." And allegedly, this monster is aimed at consumers.

Joint venture universities set to be the next big thing

Cultivating global citizens while keeping students connected to Chinese humanistic and cultural foundations are the key competitiveness of Sino-foreign universities in China, said a senior official from one such joint venture.

Today’s college students aren’t who you think

As the Trump administration and congressional Republicans push a variety of higher-education paths, including more vocational options, we take a look at today’s college student population