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How blockchain, AI and other emerging technologies could end water insecurity

The global water and sanitation crisis is not a new story. Each World Water Day, we review the sobering statistics with which we are becoming all too familiar: the expected 40 percent gap in global water supply and demand by 2050.

Cheap flights increase research collaboration, study finds

Cheap transport options have long served as a lifeline for many budgeting academics, but now low-cost airline flights have been proven to increase research collaborations between scientists.

North Idaho College joins college transfer network

Thousands of students at North Idaho College (NIC) in Coeur d’Alene are in line for a big benefit that didn’t exist when they first enrolled – a Passport allowing them to seamlessly transfer to any campus to which they are accepted in a growing nationwide network of schools.

Claims that reproducibility crisis ‘overblown’ spark debate

The narrative of a “reproducibility crisis” in science has been overblown, according to a researcher whose claims have sparked fresh debate among scholars about the reliability of academic studies.