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Moody’s warns that lackluster state support will strain public university budgets

Paltry state investment in higher education could strain the budgets of public colleges and universities this year, with small schools bearing the brunt, Moody’s Investors Service said Monday.

Amazon is quietly becoming its own university

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon empire—which recently dabbled in home security, opened artificial intelligence-powered grocery stores, and started planning a second headquarters (and manufactured a vicious national competition out of it)—has not been idle in 2018.

Global student mobility growth ‘to dwindle over next decade’

The growth in the number of students leaving their home country to study abroad is forecast to slow down substantially in the next decade, a new study from the British Council has predicted.

Sydney University’s Consent Matters Course is tokenistic

SYDNEY University is rolling out an online course that purportedly teaches students that they need an enthusiastic ‘yes’ from their partner before any sort of sexual conduct — including kissing — on campus.