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Christian college’s ‘biblically consistent’ curriculum under fire

A new policy at a religious university in the US directing scholars to avoid teaching “erotic” or “graphic” material has reignited a debate over how faith institutions can reconcile their spiritual values with academic freedom.

Trump questions authenticity of ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

President Donald Trump has questioned the authenticity of the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape in which he bragged about being able to grope women, The New York Times reported over the weekend, despite the fact that Trump immediately apologized for his remarks when the video surfaced.

U.S. Coast Guard operating secret floating prisons in Pacific Ocean

If you've followed the War on Terror at all, you're almost certainly familiar with the U.S. detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba — a U.S. prison that exists outside the realm of the U.S. justice system.

Higher Education Academy under pressure over Bahrain links

The UK’s Higher Education Academy is under pressure to cut ties with Bahrain after academics warned that its activities in the country pose a “serious ethical and reputational risk” for the organisation.