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Troop carriers seized: Is China sending Singapore a message?

Singapore is scrambling to recover nine armored troop carriers that have been impounded in Hong Kong for almost a week after they were used in a military training exercise in Taiwan.

A better approach to solving the world’s ‘wicked problems’

We live in a world burdened by large-scale problems that refuse to go away: the refugee crisis; terrorism; rising sea levels; frequent floods, droughts and wildfires; not to mention persistent inequality and violation of basic human rights across the world.

Angry Texas A&M students, alums ask university to cancel white nationalist’s planned campus speech

A white nationalist whose recent speech in the nation's capital drew Nazi salutes is slated to speak at Texas A&M University next month, eliciting anger and widespread calls for the university to call off the event.

Print This ‘Feast or Famine’ for Humanities Ph.D.s

Some doctorate earners emerge with high levels of debt, while a growing number have none. For a plurality, teaching assistantships are top source of revenue, but that's not the case for most other disciplines.