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Take these 9 steps to demystify science-based targets

More companies are setting greenhouse-gas emission targets in line with what science says is needed to keep global temperatures from rising above 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial temperatures.

Lecturer calls for universities to tackle abuse in the theatre

An academic expert on theatre has called for ethical training to be introduced into drama education, just as it is in many medical, law and business schools.

When Is a President Accountable for What She Didn’t Know?

The question is often “What did a president know, and when did she know it?” But in complex sexual misconduct cases that involve institutional failures, at what point does that stop mattering? Under fire, Michigan State president resigns.

Degree algorithms create ‘artificial differences’ in final grades

Students who achieve the same set of marks are being awarded widely divergent final degree scores, owing to the use of different algorithms by UK universities, an analysis reveals.