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Blowback Against a Hoax

Author of a recent academic scam faces disciplinary action by Portland State, for failing to alert his research review board before hoodwinking journal editors with outrageous articles. Many say he's guilty of bad form, but did he commit misconduct?

Nearly all donations from faculty, admin in Pelosi district went to Dems

A Campus Reform analysis has found that an overwhelming majority of faculty and administrators in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's congressional district contributed financially to Democrat candidates and causes from 2017-2018. College faculty and adminis

The sustainability movement has disappeared. Where did it go?

Some years ago, I purchased "Sustainability.Today" from a website supplier. I thought it would be a good name for a news service and social media channel about the global sustainability movement.

USOC fires official over his silence in Larry Nassar case

The U.S. Olympic Committee fired its chief of sport performance Monday, immediately after publishing an investigation that found major issues with how the organization responded to specific sexual assault allegations made against disgraced doctor Larry Nassar and the environment that its governance structure created for reporting sexual abuse in general.

Ministry to include disaster mitigation lessons in school curriculum

The Education and Culture ministry plans to include lessons on basic life skills, such as disaster mitigation and countering radicalism, in a new curriculum.