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U. of Hawaii email: ‘In the event of a nuclear attack’

An email to all University of Hawaii students and faculty with the subject line "In the event of a nuclear attack" not only caused quite a stir locally, it generated national and international headlines.

The dark side of digitally tracking endangered species

In the arid far-western region of South Africa is a vast flatland covered with white quartzite gravel known as the Knersvlakte — Afrikaans for "Gnashing Plain" — because it sounds like grinding teeth when you walk across it.

Missed out on a Nobel prize? Here’s how to win one

Winning a Nobel prize may seem like an absurdly ambitious goal for most scientists to even contemplate but some researchers will admit to daydreaming about it.

The war of words between former and current Mrs Trumps

Donald Trump's first wife, Ivana, has started a war of words by saying she, not Melania, is the real First Lady and by revealing that she has a direct line to the White House but uses it less than she could to avoid jealousy.