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Trump reverses claim that US would shoot rock-throwing migrants

President Donald Trump on Friday attempted to clarify what he said the day before, when he claimed rocks thrown by migrants crossing into the United States would be considered the same as gunfire.

How Americans Feel About Affirmative Action In Higher Education

The Harvard trial wraps up on Friday. And for the past three weeks, the group Students for Fair Admissions has argued that the Ivy League school discriminates against Asian-American applicants.

Dartmouth prof: ‘If we don’t abolish capitalism, capitalism will abolish us’

Dartmouth College lecturer Mark Bray made the argument to abolish capitalism in a recent op-ed for Truthout, linking capitalism to the prioritizing of profit over the environment and everything else.

Trump’s racist video is part of a broader GOP midterm strategy aimed at the conservative base

President Donald Trump's new Willie Horton-style web video posted to Twitter on Wednesday night represented a new flashpoint in a culture war he is stoking ahead of next week's midterm elections.