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Russian bots retweeted Trump nearly 500,000 times in final weeks of 2016 campaign

Russian-linked automated Twitter accounts, or bots, retweeted Donald Trump almost half a million times in the final weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, Twitter told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What grave goods should we bury with big oil execs?

Yes, I knew that oil giant BP had sponsored the British Museum’s stunning exhibition on the Scythians, an extraordinary — and long-forgotten — nomadic people who held sway across Siberia from 900 BC to 200 BC.

Oxford University extends exam time to boost female students

Mathematics and computer science students at the University of Oxford were given extra time to complete their final exams last summer in a bid to close a gender grade gap, it has been revealed.

Academics ‘lack support’ to help with student mental health

Responding to students’ mental health problems has become an “inevitable” part of an academic’s job, but many staff do not feel properly supported in this role, according to a report.