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Sticker shock: The soaring costs of Germany’s nuclear shutdown

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 2011 decision to rapidly phase out the country’s 17 nuclear power reactors has left the government and utilities with a massive problem

Trump University judge says he plans to let suit go to trial

Just hours after Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination in Cleveland, a federal judge in San Diego said he plans to allow former students who claim to have been cheated by Trump University to take the billionaire candidate to trial.

European university leaders call for links with UK to continue

The heads of national university associations in 24 European countries have released a joint statement calling for continued “international cooperation and exchange” after last month’s Brexit vote.

Trump plan would base student loans on employability

Kambiz Ghazinour would love to persuade more of his Kent State University computer science students to go on to graduate school, but they’re so in demand that most of them head straight into the job market.

UC Regents take steps to streamline board operations, dig more deeply into crucial issues

University of California regents Wednesday approved a sweeping overhaul of board operations, the first in nearly five decades, saying it would free up more time for deeper discussions of crucial issues.

3 key battlegrounds for cities in the war against climate change

"If you want to win the climate change battle, it will be fought in the cities of the world," WRI President and CEO Andrew Steer told participants at a forum on the role of urban areas in the global shift to clean energy.