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UK students ‘not enthusiastic’ about teaching excellence framework

Ministers pressed ahead with plans for the teaching excellence framework despite having been warned that students were “not very enthusiastic” about the exercise and that the preferred metrics may fail to significantly differentiate between institutions.

China is super-sizing science.

From building the biggest experiments the world has ever seen to rolling out the latest medical advances on a massive scale and pushing the boundaries of exploration from the deepest ocean to outer space - China’s scientific ambitions are immense.

‘Walkability’ a priority for Clemson downtown, campus

Clemson's downtown and campus building booms are annoyances for anyone who tries to park a car on or near campus these days, but city and university officials have long-term solutions they believe will mitigate that.

GRI’s new digital alliance aims to update sustainability reporting

The influential Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has launched a new program to help businesses improve their sustainability reporting by taking advantage of digital platforms.