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Study Shows eBooks Gaining Larger Share & Boosting Overall Reading Habits

Kids say that ebooks are better than print books when they do not want their friends to know what they are reading, and when they are out and about/traveling; print books are seen by kids as better for sharing with friends and reading at bedtime

Preserving biodiversity can be compatible with intensive agriculture

Preserving genetically diverse local crops in areas where small-scale farms are rapidly modernizing is possible, according to a Penn State geographer, who is part of an international research project investigating the biodiversity of maize, or corn, in hotspots of Bolivia, Peru and Mexico.

How Are British Embassies Like Las Vegas Chapels?

Two women wanted to marry — one Texan (no gay marriage there), the other Australian (nor there). So how did the British help them tie the knot in Cambodia (not allowed there, either), even before the UK vote this week that paved the way for gay marriage?