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How Thai Union rapidly pivoted to a greener business strategy

Back in 2015, Thai Union had run into choppy waters. The multi-billion dollar seafood giant behind global tinned fish brands John West in the United Kingdom, Chicken of the Sea in the United States and King Oscar in Norway, among many others, had a PR shipwreck in its sights, and needed to shift coordinates swiftly.

This startup is helping universities and companies embrace circular asset management

When asset management company Rheaply approached Washington University in St. Louis with a plan to make better use of campus equipment and supplies, Cassandra Hage, assistant director in the school’s office of sustainability, was already searching for "a way to circulate surplus property internally and also to connect with nonprofit organizations that might be able to utilize the university’s surplus."

Capitalism’s change of climate

For decades, the main argument against climate action has been economic: Even if the climate is changing, the argument went, addressing it at the scale needed would force companies, cities and institutions into bankruptcy. In short, it would tank the economy.