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Two Decades of ‘Paper Classes’

A "woeful lack of oversight" and a culture that confused academic freedom with a lack of accountability helped more than 3,100 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill enroll and pass classes they never attended and which were not taught by a single faculty member.

No more ‘weird’ buildings: Is this the end of ambitious Chinese architecture?

The Chinese leadership has called for less "weird architecture" to be built in the country. President Xi Jinping spoke at a symposium in Beijing last week and Chinese media have widely reported his appeal for less ostentatious structures in China's skylines.

Does Britain publish too many books?

For dedicated readers who still can't pass by a bookstore without stopping in and leaving with a lighter wallet, the idea of "too many books" might seem like an odd one.

Inside Paul Hawken’s audacious plan to ‘drawdown’ climate change

Today, at the Greenbuild conference in New Orleans, entrepreneur and author Paul Hawken will publicly unveil a project, more than a year in the works, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere.