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Michigan Grad Workers Strike

University of Michigan requests injunction to stop the strike by graduate student workers, who are asking for a 60 percent raise in minimum salaries and improvements in benefits for transgender, international and parenting members. Read more

Big universities are flooded with applicants, forced to turn more away

Nationally recognized, world-renowned Virginia Tech is more interested in knowing what their college applicants’ goals are than their test scores. So much so, they’re remaining test-optional until 2026, at the least, and they believe that strategy is paying off. Virginia Tech Undergraduate Admissions Director Juan Espinoza believes the process has created a stronger, more diverse application class. Read more

Southern Wesleyan University president: ‘We’re not hiring people who endorse critical race theory’

Fifteen of those years, Street served as a school district administrator in North Carolina, but lost his job in 2021 after his employers discovered many of Street’s written works on the indoctrination of children in the education system, including his book: “On the Frontlines: Exposing Satan’s Tactics to Destroy a Generation.” Read more