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China unveils plan to underpin industry, education integration

China published a plan on Oct 10 on advancing a national pilot program for the integration between industry and education to promote the development of education, talents and industry and high-quality economic growth.

Survey finds college graduates struggle with basic civic literacy

A recent national survey shows a lack of basic knowledge of U.S. history and civics among Americans, with a number of respondents not knowing the current Supreme Court Chief Justice, or thinking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez authored the New Deal instead of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

STOP Columbus Day? Big Ten student gov demands ‘Indigenous People’s Day’

A student government spanning 500,000 students at schools across the nation passed a resolution calling for the recognition of Indigenous People's Day, in place of Columbus Day, at the campuses it represents.

Respected Benedictine monk warns that society is losing its ability to listen

The work of a Benedictine monk to preserve historical manuscripts has taken him from the grounds of St. John’s University in Minnesota, to the Middle East, to sub-saharan Africa and beyond.

The Moderates’ Alternative to Free College

Joe Biden becomes latest Democratic presidential hopeful to call for huge increases in the federal Pell Grant program instead of free college policies favored by standard bearers on the left.