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Incomplete Rates

Colleges and universities that offer distance education are increasingly building their courses to conform with widely accepted best practices for all of higher education ...

Going Rogue

The student board at Swarthmore College’s Hillel chapter has unanimously passed a resolution saying it will not abide by the international Jewish student organization’s ban on hosting anti-Israel speakers.

Can Anthropologists Communicate?

In 2010, when the word "science" was left out of a plan for the American Anthropological Association, many in the discipline's biological wing fumed that their work was being treated as second class by the cultural anthropologists in the field.

Public colleges enter limelight as private tuitions soar

Once overlooked amid the higher education elite of Massachusetts, the state’s public universities and community colleges are stepping into the limelight with increased funding, state-of-the art facilities, honors programs, affordable prices, and higher graduation rates.